Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sluggo's North

I recently went on tour with my band Fat Shadow and ate some really great food. Travelling for long stretches makes one very hungry, and you'd think that after hours in the car even dumpstered bagels and warm cans of PBR are welcomed sustenance.
Not always. Okay, never.
Sluggo's North in Chattanooga, Tennessee is owned and operated by Terry and Ashley, two musicians who have been touring the country and the world for years with their punk bands This Bike is a Pipe Bomb and Future Virgins, respectively. They have felt on tour the yearn for greens and grains when all ya got are gas station snacks and whatever the promoter of the next show has or doesn't have cooked up. When relying on payment from shows (which are getting cheaper by the minute) for gas money (which is getting more outlandishly expensive by the minute), there usually isn't much money left to feed band members a good meal.
Sluggo's North is the answer to my question "Where can I get some affordable roughage on this crazy trip that will taste amazing?"
We had a GIANT plate of nachos that were beautifully presented (when was the last time you've had beautifully presented nachos?) and topped w/ Harry's vegetarian chili that would challenge the most puritanical hamburger chili lovers. The club sandwich was an animal lover's dream, because it is totally meat-free and totally delicious. The Thai bowl had perfectly cooked nutty brown rice and sweet, spicy sauce that had to be homemade. The list goes on, and Anthony at the counter talked with us at length about the food, made suggestions, and made sure we had everything we needed throughout the meal. He even looked excited for us. This is the subtle mark of a well-operated and inspired restaurant: staff who look at the food like they can't wait to sit down and have some themselves.
Sluggo's North was the tastiest, most exciting, and nutritious meal I've had on the road since that California Roll Falafel Wrap at Total Juice Plus in Cincinnati (also staffed by punks..do we see a pattern?). This vegan restaurant (!) is accessible to all food lovers. I highly recommended it to everyone, not just starving artists.

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